I have been an instructor for a full-semester (17-week) course in Fall 2021 - BADM 313, Strategic Human Resource Management. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching this course and looks like the students did as well: image

Strategic Human Resource Management
BADM 313 Strategic Human Resource Management

The purpose of this course is to provide a deep introduction to HR and help students recognize its importance within the organization as a whole. The class will highlight the strategic dimensions of HR and approach it from more of a general management perspective. HR is especially important in knowledge-based organizations, where people are the primary resource that organizations derive value from. Managing people well is critical for modern organizations to succeed. This course will also delve into HR’s role in analyzing and addressing organizational inequalities and diversity and inclusion (D&I). This course incorporates current events and case studies to highlight contemporary examples of HR processes and their consequences. Furthermore, people analytics (the combination of HR questions with data science methods) are addressed throughout the semester.

Class Picture

Here is an attempt to capture a memory of my first-cohort of students.

Class Picture

” She did an amazing job with preparation and filled each class with perfect amount of content. I loved all the connections made to real life events from 2021 as it added immersion.”
“ I enjoyed this instructor a great deal, she was awesome and always offered great instruction and feedback.”
“ Deepika was very passionate about course content and seemed to have extensive knowledge on the topics. This made asking questions comfortable and always warranted an elaborate response.”

And yet the best one was… ” She really cares.”.

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